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Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturer

Elevate Lifting Efficiency with Sachin Wire Rope Hoist

Make Wire rope hoist manufacturer is light weight yet are rugged in construction. The wire rope hoists comprised of steel rope drum that is machined accurately with grooves for supporting wire rope. The rope drum is connected to motor through totally enclosed oil lubricated spur / helical gearbox. Fail safe electromagnetic brake provided on the input side of drive to prevent accidental lowering of load in the event of power failure.
Steel wire rope with fiber core is supplied as a standard design. Stainless steel wire rope with Stainless steel sheave and bush bearings are supplied for corrosive atmosphere as per customer’s requirement.
True vertical lift with 2 x 2 falls arrangement is also available in even smaller capacities as a special feature.
The trolley moves on straight track in standard design. Bogie type trolley is provided to negotiate curves when so required by customer.
Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturer
Motors are Sq cage, totally enclosed fan cooled type with class F insulation. Upper and lower hook travel limit switch is provided as a standard feature. Additionally Counter weight operated over hoist limit switch is also available as an option.
In the standard design the DOL contactor starters are provided for motors. VVVF drives are supplied as per customer’s requirement.
Heavy duty cast iron rope band cum guide is provided. The cast iron rope band and guide is much more robust in construction and do not easily break as in case of plastic rope guide.
Double speed motors are also available for hoisting and CT motion as per customer’s need. Sachin Engineering is a leading wire rope hoist manufacturer in Pune.