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Crane Capacity Upgradation

Crane Capacity Upgradation

One of the biggest benefits of an overhead crane system is the ability to modernize or upgrade the individual components of the crane without having to replace the entire system. An overhead crane can be upgraded to meet modern safety and efficiency standards, but it can also be upgraded to a higher capacity if your company’s production or processes have changed.
Any of these changes can create additional wear and tear on the individual components of your overhead crane system. Making more frequent or heavier lifts can put a strain on your crane equipment if the demands of the new process exceed the duty cycle or crane service classification that they were originally designed for.
Over time, this can lead to premature wear or even failure of the crane components. Costs related to service calls to repair or replace individual components can add up and eventually exceed the cost of an upgrade.
Often times, the customer is aware that they’re exceeding the capabilities of their crane and will reach out to their crane service provider to see what can be done to help extend the crane’s operating life. Other times, the service provider may make the recommendation to consider an upgrade or modernization to the overhead crane system to help protect against frequent repairs or shutdowns. Sachin Engineering are a Leading Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters of Crane Capacity Upgradation in Pune.
What Components of the Crane Need to be Upgraded?
A Professional Engineer (PE) can evaluate your existing overhead crane’s mechanical, electrical, and structural components and determine if they’re capable of being upgraded to meet new manufacturing or production processes.
The most important thing you can do is have a feasibility study performed by a third-party Professional Engineer (P.E.). A P.E. can evaluate your entire crane system and determine if and how your crane’s productivity and reliability can be increased through a capacity upgrade. The P.E. will also provide a recommendation of what mechanical and structural components will need to be upgraded.
Below, we’ll take a look at what components are typically upgraded when you increase your crane’s capacity, and what that might entail.


If your crane is equipped with a built-up hoist, then a lot of the internal components can be swapped out or interchanged without having to completely remove and replace your existing hoist and trolley. The internals were originally specified to meet application-specific requirements, so if you upgrade your crane’s capacity, the internal components including the gear sets and motor will need to be swapped out with more substantial parts. It’s possible that an upgrade to the wire rope reeving system could be recommended as well.
For lower-duty electric or pneumatic hoists, these systems come as a complete system and would need to be swapped out and replaced with a heavier-duty hoist package and re-installed.

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